Halewood International Ltd has some vegan options

Address: The Sovereign Distillery, Wilson Road, Huyton Business Park
Liverpool, L36 6AD
Phone: (+44) 151 480 8800
Email: customer.services@halewood-int.com
URL: http://www.halewood-int.com/
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Products by Halewood International Ltd:

Company email (April 2017) re: Eisberg wines
"The grape musts for these wines are clarified before fermentation, so just as in all wine, gelatine of animal origin is used as a fining agent. Therefore, these wines are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans." [ed: all wines? really?]

Company email (August 2016) re VS:
"I have spoken to our technical team on your behalf and I have been advised that all the VS range is Vegan friendly and it is only produced and bottled at our Huyton site."

Company email (August 2016):
"Unfortunately none of the Crabbies Ginger Beer products are suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians as like with most wines and real ales they fined with Isinglass."

Company email (January 2016):
"I have been advised that both flavours [Strawberry & Lime and Scottish Raspberry] are not suitable for Vegans."

Company email (January 2013):
"Thanks for your enquiry. I'm pleased to say Maguire's Pear Cider is suitable for Vegetarians."

Company email (December 2011):
"Unfortunately this is not suitable for vegans due to processing ingredients"

Company email (November 2011):
"Crabbie's Ginger Beer is not suitable for vegetarians."

Company email:
"Unfortunately I have to say that Isinglass is used in the fining process. This means Crabbies is not regarded as suitable for Vegetarians."