Barnivore Apps

We don't (yet) have an "official" app for Barnivore, but some developers have put some things together for you:

Android: There are two apps available:

iPhone/iPad/iPod: You've got three options now:

Windows Phone: One, count 'em, one option here:

Good ol' paper: Technically, a printout is a mobile-friendly format, and we've got printable lists of beer, wine, and liquor for you.

We are working, ever so slowly, on our own official app, so stay tuned and wait for announcements on Twitter and Facebook.

Please note that all of the above apps are written and maintained by third parties. While we're happy to supply the information they use, we have no control over their development and make no warranties as to their functionality or, well, anything else. Some of the above apps use a snapshot of our data and the information on our actual website may be more recent. This list is provided as a service to our readers and as a way of saying thanks for the products being out there.

And of course, if you want to just use the mobile internet on your iPhone (or many other modern smartphone devices) you can just go ahead and do that - we've got a mobile-optimized version of the site that'll "just work" when you visit.