Hardys is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Reynell Rd
Reynella, SA, 5161
Phone: 1800 088 711
Email: theteam@hardys.com.au
URL: http://www.hardys.com.au/content/welcome-hardys
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Products by Hardys:

Company email (October 2012): [regarding Hardys in the UK]
"Fining agents, such as Isinglass, egg, skim milk powder and Gelatine are used in the winemaking process for most wines, and can vary slightly from vintage to vintage."

Company email (October 2011):
"Fining agents, such as Isinglass, Egg, Skim Milk Powder and Gelatine are used in the winemaking process for most wines, and can vary from vintage to vintage. Fining agents have been used for many years in the winemaking process primarily for clarification and tannin reduction. All Hardys wines are processed and blended in Australia."

Company email:
"I have spoken to the Senior Brand Manager , she has reiterated that fining agents such as isinglass, skim milk powder, gelatine and egg white are used in the wine making process to clarify our wines. The fining agents used can vary between each product and from vintage to vintage and their purpose is to soften and stabilise the wine. The wine is then filtered to remove the finings but there many be slight traces left, which is why the fining agent will be listed in the wine's ingredients.
Because of this process, we cannot guarantee that our wines are suitable for Vegan / Vegetarians as finings maybe left in slight traces"