Hansa Beer is Vegan Friendly

by Hansa Borg Bryggerier
Address: Kokstaddalen 3 Pb. 24
Kokstad, Bergen, 5863
Phone: +47 815 59 500
Fax: +47 69 12 63 00
Email: kundesenter@hansaborg.no
URL: http://hansa.no
Checked by: Per
Double checked by: Karina, Stig
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: about 4 years ago

Company email (March 2015):
"I utgangspunktet så stemmer ingredienslisten som står på ølet vårt, dvs at øl består av maltet korn, gjær, vann og kullsyre."

[Translation by Stig] "Our ingredient list is accurate to begin with, meaning that beer consists of malted grains, yeast, water and carbonic acid."
Note: I left out the rest of the mail which contained a bit confused answer from the laboratory, concerning whether bacteria (used to create an enzyme in the process) is vegan or not.

Company email (May 2014): re: Grevens Cider
"Det er ikke brukt animalske produkter/biprodukter i eller ved produksjon av Grevens cider".
[Translation from Karina] "We do not use animal products/biproducts in or in the making of Grevens cider."

Company email (January 2012):
Translated: "We use no products or ingredients with animal origin in the products of our beers. This goes for both the Hansa brand and the Borg brand."

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