Rogue Chatoe Rogue Wet Hop Ale (non-cask) is Vegan Friendly

by Rogue Ales
Address: 2320 OSU Drive
Newport, OR, 97365
Phone: 541.867.3660
Fax: 541.867.3260
Checked by: Nicole
Double checked by: Michelle, Brian, Cassie, Kathy, Amanda
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (March 2012):
[Response to the standard Barnivore email; specifically regarding Dead Guy Ale]: "1. No. 2. No."

Kathy writes (December 2011):
"I recently looked up Rogue beer/ale. Barnivore stated that it is vegan with the exception of their Honey Wheat. This is almost a no-brainer, but I wanted to let you know that one of the ingredients listed on the label of Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale is applewood smoked bacon. I'm pretty sure this is a new addition to their line but thought you may want to update Rogue's listing on the Barnivore site."

Company email (July 2011):
"Rogue products use no animal products with the
exception of one beer--Somer Orange Honey Wheat. We most likely will be discontinuing this product next year."

Nicole writes:
"I called today and can't remember who I talked to. She said that all of their filtered beers are filtered through diatomaceous earth, which she thought was not vegan.... I will accept DE as vegan personally, because it's millions of years old, but I didn't get into it with her.... She also said they have many unfiltered beers, but they make no guarantees, because they may need to run them through a light filter step as well.
She also said they make no guarantees that they might not choose later to use other animal based filtering methods."

Company email:
"Drink up! We are vegan-friendly.
Our Eugene City Brewery makes Honey Orange Wheat. The regular Rogue beers contain no honey."

Company email:
"Hi Brian, thank you for your kind thoughts! Not to worry, our beers are all vegan. The only exception to that is if you were to come across our beer in a "firkin" or English cask. Those are fined with isinglass. That is the ONLY time though so feel free to drink up! ;-)"

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