Erdinger Kristall is Vegan Friendly

by Erdinger Weißbier
Address: Franz-Brombach-Str. 1-20
85435 Erding
Phone: +49 (8122) 409 0
Checked by: Cody
Double checked by: Jeremy, Fiona
Added: about 6 years ago

Company email (August 2016):
"I can confirm that Alkoholfrei is vegan friendly, none of the ingredients quoted are used in the production - however for bottles we have to say we use a glue which contains "casein", for label application so for very very strict vegan people that might be a problem, our Alkoholfrei cans of course do not use any labels. All ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is produced at our brewery in ERDING and there are no sub-licenses for production of any of our beers."

Company email (July 2014):
"ERDINGER Weiss beers exclusively contain those ingredients that are listed on the back label. Depending on the type of beer, these include water, wheat malt, barley malt, roasted malt, hops, yeast and carbon dioxide from natural fermentation. Other ingredients, which are not required to be reported, are not contained in our beers. Furthermore, our specialty ERDINGER Weiss beers do not contain any so-called "combined ingredients".
Our beers are brewed strictly according to the Bavarian Purity Law, which excludes the utilisation of synthetic ingredients. The aids used in production do not contain any products of an animal origin. Only the glue used for our bottle labels is partially made of an acrylic synthetic base. The labels on our draught beer barrels use an acrylic-base glue.
We also confirm that Erdinger Weiss beers are only produced in our own brewery in Erding, Germany. Nowhere else. "

Company email:
"We, ERDINGER WEISSBRÄU can certify, that the product ERDINGER Weißbier is produced in accordance with the German brewing regulations and the German purity law for beer.
Therefore ERDINGER Weißbier is produced only under certified processes and the implemented regulations. ERDINGER Weißbier is brewed only with water, malt, hops, and yeast. Other, not malted cereals, rice including their finished products, sugars and animal products are not allowed to be used for brewing or for the brewing processes of ERDINGER Weißbier."

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