Trout River Brewing is NOT vegan friendly

Address: PO. BOX 165
Lyndonville, VT, 05851
Phone: 802-626-9396
Checked by: Emily
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Added: over 8 years ago

Products by Trout River Brewing:

Company Email:
"We do use a product for clarifying the beer during fermentation that comes from the sea.
Some of our Belgian-style beers use Vermont honey but we disclose that when serving them to our customers since at this point none of those beers are bottled."

Emily wrote:

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The ingredient you use for clarifying the beer during fermentation, which comes from the sea-
is this an animal product?"

Trout River wrote:
"Hi Emily. It is from a fish. So not quite animal, but still flesh. I'm vegetarian (just a bit of cheese, cream in my coffee, and butter on my toast).
I don't eat any meat, poultry or seafood but I know some say that seafood is on a different evolutionary
path, so that's it's OK to consume in moderation."