Hobsons Brewery is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Tenbury Road Cleobury
Mortimer, Worcestershire, DY14 8RD
Phone: 01299 270837
Email: beer@hobsons-brewery.co.uk
URL: www.hobsons-brewery.co.uk
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Products by Hobsons Brewery:

Company email (May 2013):
"Unfortunately, isinglass or finings derived from fish are used in the manufacture of all our bottled and cask ales. Our beers are only manufactured here at the brewery in Cleobury Mortimer."

Company email:
"I have spoken to one of our brewers regarding the suitability of Hobsons beers for vegans. Unfortunately the finings used in the brewing process to improve clarity and flavour contain animal ingredients which, make the beers unsuitable for vegans."