Boordy Vineyards is vegan friendly

Address: 12820 Long Green Pike
Hydes, MD, 21082
Phone: 410-592-5015
Checked by: Jen
Double checked by: Cassia, Kristen, Lauren
Added: about 8 years ago
Double Checked: about 2 years ago

Products by Boordy Vineyards:

Company email (May 2016):
"Yes they are [vegan]"

[Note: we're treating the Dec 2012 response as a CYA anomaly, but encourage readers to get in touch with Boordy (and let us know what comes back) if they want further reassurance.]

Company email (December 2012):
"Please be advised that due to production techniques in wine making, it is not possible to guarantee that any of our wines are vegan friendly."

Company email:
"It is a good question- all our wines are currently vegan"

Company email:
"I first got the question in 2005 or so- I was told that all the wines were vegan. I did'nt ask about previous years. All wines on the market are vegan."

Company email:
"Our current( and past few) vintages are completely vegan. I get this questions often.
You can enjoy your Boordy with a clear mind-thanks"