Middle Sister Wines is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 1403 Jefferson Street
Napa, California, 94559
Email: info@middlesisterwines.com
URL: http://middlesisterwines.com/
Checked by: Nancy
Double checked by: Lindsay, Company, Valerie
Added: about 10 years ago
Double Checked: about 3 years ago

Products by Middle Sister Wines:

Company email (December 2016):
"At this time we do not have any vegan wines available. When necessary, fining agents are used during the winemaking process which can include egg whites."

Company email (October 2016):
"You have our wines listed on your website saying they are vegan. We cannot claim that our wines are certified vegan. We source our grapes from several locations and therefore we have no control over what happens to them before our winemaker blends them. However, we do not use animal products as a fining agent."

Company email (November 2012):
"Middle Sister wines use no animal products."

Company email:
"I have a call to our winemaker about your query, but I will tell you that It is not 100% vegan. However there are no animal proteins in the finished wine."