Hermann J Wiemer Vineyard is vegan friendly

Address: 3962 Rte. 14 Po Box 38
Dundee, NY, 14837
Phone: 800-371-7971
Email: oskar@wiemer.com
URL: http://wiemer.com/
Checked by: Daniel
Double checked by: Sarah
Added: about 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 7 years ago

Products by Hermann J Wiemer Vineyard:

Company email (October 2011):

"We are indeed vegan as we do not fine our alter our wines in any way. So no animal product.
We only process wines at the winery in Dundee NY."

Company Email:

"We do not use isinglass either or any other fining agent as we are not fining our wines. I understand the concern, because what we do is not necessarily a common practice in the wine industry."