FishEye Winery is vegan friendly

Address: Soledad, CA
Checked by: Ryan R
Double checked by: Katie, Eileen
Added: about 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 3 years ago

Products by FishEye Winery:

Company email (July 2012):
"Our company does not use isinglass or gelatin in our wines."

Company email:
"Yes, some of these fining agents could be of animal, dairy, or seafood origin. They are taking out by micro filtration, but traces might be left in wine."

Company email:
A:"Our Fish Eye wines are vegan free!"

Q:"Please clarify this email. "Vegan free." Does this mean vegan safe (no animal/fish products used in the making or fining)? or does this mean not appropriate for vegans?"

A:"Our wine is vegan safe. Sorry for the misunderstanding!"