Brancott Estate is unknown

Address: RD4 Blenheim
State Highway 1, Riverlands,, Blenheim
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 336 8300
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Products by Brancott Estate:

Company email (January 2017):
"Officially all of our wines ARE NOT suitable for vegans/ Vegetarians. Let me offer an explanation…

"We use skim milk/caseinate and egg white for fining of wines. These materials are fully removed from wines due to subsequent clarification processes and are no longer detectable using best practice analysis techniques. Red wines will generally only be fined with egg white, white wines only with skim milk/caseinate.

"Occasionally winemakers may use gelatine, which as such will not be suitable for vegetarians. However, as with milk and egg white, it is expected that gelatine will be completely removed from the finished wine

"In conclusion, milk, egg & gelatine could be used for fining the wine. Whilst all of this is removed (to the point whereby it will have nil trace) it will still have been in contact with the finished article. This is the reason why we say this is not suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians"

Company Email (circa 2012)

"Unfortunately we do not have any vegan-friendly wines."

Email 2 (circa 2008)

"All of our wines use fining agents of fish, egg and/or milk. They are filtered out, and only minute amounts are used, however this would likely not be suitable for vegans."