Fourth Wave Wine has some vegan options

Address: PO Box 417
Hamilton, New South Wales, 2303
Phone: 1300 778 047
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Products by Fourth Wave Wine:

Company email (May 2020)

"We can confirm that Indigo Organic Grape Growers Collective - Victorian Nero d'Avola is free from any animal ingredients, including in the filtration process and is not manufactured by anyone, other than Fourth Wave Wine. It is Vegan friendly.

"May I also direct you to our Vegan- Friendly web page here:

"Please feel free to add these to Barnivore, they are all free of animal products inc during filtration."

Company email (January 2020)
"Hero of Zero is definitely vegan friendly so no animal products have been used in the fining of the wine or would be found in the wine itself."

Company email (September 2019)
"Although the Little Giant wines are made with minimal additions and preservatives, unfortunately, they are not vegan friendly."

Company email (November 2017)
"we actually now have a range of vegan friendly wines in our portfolio -"

Company email (January 2017)

"I am sorry but the Le Chat Noir wines are not vegan friendly technically"