Woodward Canyon has some vegan options

Address: 11920 W. Hwy 12
Lowden, Washington, 99360
Phone: (509) 525-4129
Email: getthedirt@woodwardcanyon.com
URL: https://www.woodwardcanyon.com/
Checked by: Allison
Double checked by: Daniel, Silvia
Added: over 4 years ago
Double Checked: 11 months ago

Products by Woodward Canyon:

Company email (July 2019)
"Yes, [Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon] is vegan!
Daniel notes (February 2019)
"Wines from 2017 and forward for Woodward Canyon... are definitely vegan"

Company email (October 2015)

"No we don't have vegan wines at this time."