Oliver Wines is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 8024 N. State Road 37
Bloomington, IN, 47404
Phone: 800-25-TASTE
Email: admin@oliverwinery.com
URL: http://www.oliverwinery.com
Checked by: Jason
Double checked by: Amity
Added: over 7 years ago
Double Checked: about 6 years ago

Products by Oliver Wines:

Company Email:
"We do use animal products in several of our wines on as needed basis to fine out unwanted tannins. Some wines tend to get gelatin, an animal derived product, and some wines tend to get egg albumin, an egg product. I assume that products with gelatin would not be acceptable, but products containing egg whites would be okay. Is that correct? Please let me know and then I can advise you on which wines are okay.

Also, our cider, blackberry and honey wines are all vegetarian.
Listed below are our current vegetarian wines-
2007 Chambourcin
2007 Shiraz
2005 Shiraz Reserve
2006 Zinfandel
Bean Blossom Hard Cider
SkyDog Red, White, and Rose
Camelot Mead
Harvest Flavors Strawberry, Mango, and Black Cherry
Maximum Port
Wine composition does change from year to year as necessary. For example our 2007 Zinfandel may not be vegetarian even though the 06 bottling of zinfandel is. That said, typically for our wines, whites and roses receive treatment with gelatin, dry reds and chardonel frequently do not receive gelatin treatment, and I am not aware of having treated the honey and fruit wines with gelatin ever (but that could change).
Please feel free to ask again as necessary for the upcoming seasons."

Company Email:
"Our wines are not vegan friendly. Thank you for thinking of us."