Willespie has some vegan options

Address: 555 Harmans Mill Road
Willyabrup, WA, 6280
Phone: (08) 9755 6248
Fax: (08) 9755 6210
Email: info@willespie.com.au
URL: www.willespie.com.au
Checked by: Danielle
Double checked by: Danielle
Added: about 4 years ago

Products by Willespie:

Note from Danielle (May 2014):
"Sadly we'll have to make a correction to this listing. I visited the Willespie Cellar Door last Friday and purchased a few of their whites. When I was having a look at the bottles today I noticed that their Semillon Sauvignon Blanc states "Fined with Milk". So sad! The Old School Chardonnay and the Verdehlo don't have any allergen statements but I can't comment on their other whites as they're the only ones I purchased."

Company email (March 2014):
"Some of the reds will be fined with egg, whites should be O.K"