Lamont's has some vegan options

Address: 85 Bisdee Road
Millendon, WA, 6056
Phone: +61 8 9296 4485
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Products by Lamont's:

Company email (January 2016)
"The reds; Family Reserve 14 (not the 2015), Black Monster 13, Margaret River Cabernet 14 are vegan friendly but not the Trio 14 (Issinglass).

"The Sparkling 13 is vegan but the soon to be released 2014 Sparkling is not."

Company email (February 2014)
"whilst making no vegan friendly claim on our labels, I can tell you exactly what I do use on my red wines. This is for all the 2012 reds; shiraz – viognier, family reserve, mr cabernet sauvignon, Black Monster... Definitely no fining agents as listed in your email.
All these additives according to my suppliers IMCD and Laffort are vegan friendly.

Fortified wines are fortified with 96% SVR distilled from grapes. So our range of fortifieds should be okay too. In the 12 vintages I’ve been winemaker I’ve not used milk, egg, gelatine products on fortifieds but the solero started in the late 1970’s so I couldn’t guarantee vegan friendly but suspect so!

The good news is products are now available to replace gelatine (Vegecoll is potato derived) and casein (Biolees which is synthetic) which I will be trialling this year."