J García Carrión, S.A. is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Dpto de Internet, Jorge Juan, 73
28009 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 91 435 55 56
Email: atcliente@jgc.es
URL: http://www.garciacarrion.es/
Checked by: Tania
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Added: almost 2 years ago

Products by J García Carrión, S.A.:

Company email (May 2013):
"Le confirmamos que, aunque nuestra empresa utiliza principalmente clarificantes de origen inorgánico (como la bentonita, una arcilla), eventualmente también se utilizan clarificantes de naturaleza proteica (como la gelatina). La clarificación mixta bentonita / proteína es bastante utilizada por la mayoría de los productores de vino."

[Google translation] "We confirm that, although our company is mainly used fining of inorganic origin (such as bentonite, a clay), possibly also used fining protein in nature (such as gelatin). Clarification mixed bentonite / protein is quite used by most wine producers."

[Note from Tania] "So, only some of them are vegan friendly, but I asked Ana which of them, and there wasn't answer."