Pillitteri Estates Winery has some vegan options

Address: 1696 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, L0S 1J0
Phone: (905) 468-3147
Email: winery@pillitteri.com
URL: http://www.pillitteri.com
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Products by Pillitteri Estates Winery:

Company email (November 2011):
"We have a new wine master so I had to ask him how he makes his wines and unfortunately he does use gelatine and caseins in the refining of the wines. It is his opinion that these two items do the job better than the synthetic versions. There are currently a few wines that are on the shelf from the previous wine maker including our 2007 Cabernet Franc, 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and our 2007 Bottle Blond."

Company Email (July 2010):
"The bottling line has been running steady the last couple of weeks so its been difficult tracking down the winemaker!! According to the winemaker the Red Leaf Vidal Icewine is vegan. The icewine is sterile filtered via a cross flow and membrane filter. These filters are made from cellulose fibres which are plant based. There are no Sodium Sulfates added to the wine during the process but there was Potassium Sorbate added to help preserve the wine. "

Company email:
"Please rest assured we do not use any of the items you have listed [isinglass, gelatin, egg whites] to clarify the wine."