Rapunzel Naturkost is vegan friendly

Address: Rapunzelstra├če 1
D - 87764 Legau
Phone: +49 (0)8330 / 529 - 0
Email: info@rapunzel.de
URL: www.rapunzel.de
Checked by: Eva
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Added: about 5 years ago

Products by Rapunzel Naturkost:

Note from Eva (March 2013):
"I live in Germany and wanted to let you know that all the following wines are vegan (they┬┤re sold on the German 100%vegan online shop Alles-vegetarisch), so you may add it on your site if you like.

Company: "Rapunzel Naturkost"
Rapunzel PROSECCO Vino Frizzante DOC, 0,75l
Rapunzel MONTE CAVIELLO IGT Veneto 0,75l
Rapunzel MERLOT DOC Piave 0,75l
Rapunzel CHIANTI DOCG 0,75l
Rapunzel CHARDONNAY IGT Veneto 0,75l"