Henry of Pelham Family Estate is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 1469 Pelham Rd. RR #1
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6P7
Email: winery@henryofpelham.com
URL: www.henryofpelham.com
Checked by: Steph H.
Double checked by: Kimberley, Peter, Company
Added: over 11 years ago
Double Checked: 8 months ago

Products by Henry of Pelham Family Estate:

Company email (June 2018)
"Unfortunately, we do have the need to use egg whites as a fining process when necessary. We cannot guarantee that are wines are 100% vegan."

Company email (March 2016):
"To your question about animal by-products in our product: Our Henry of Pelham wines are Vegan Friendly. We also don’t use flour within the barrel walls."

Company email (January 2013):
"Unfortunately our wines do include animal products that are used in the filtration process."

Company email:
"We use 2 different products for our fining process.: isinglass (a fish product) and egg whites."