Overhex Wine International is vegan friendly

Address: R60 (Road between Worcester and Robertson)
South Africa
Phone: +27 (23) 347 6838
Fax: +27 (23) 347 6837
Email: marketing@overhex.com
URL: http://www.overhex.com/
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Added: almost 6 years ago
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Products by Overhex Wine International:

Company email (March 2018)
"No doubt about it: more and more people are becoming vegan and more and more vegans are enquiring about our wines.

"The good news for vegans is that we at Overhex use clay-based and natural plant proteins agents which are highly efficient at fining out unwanted proteins. Our fresh and flavourful wines are therefore the natural vegan choice."

Company email (December 2012):
"I am pleased to hear that you’ve been enjoying our wines, and I am happy to inform you that you can continue to do just that, as none of our wines contain animal products, nor are they finished with animal products."