House of Rose Winery has some vegan options

Address: 2270 Garner Road
Kelowna, British Columbia, V1P 1E2
Phone: 250 765 0802
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Products by House of Rose Winery:

Company email (June 2018)
"No we do not use [animal products]. The only exception is when we buy wine from other wineries to add to our supply. These wines are not marked vegan unless the winemaker has put in writing that their wines do no include any animal products in the preparation or filtering of the wine. No we do not produce our products anywhere but in our own winery.

Wines that are vegan:
Cool Splash (a white blend made mostly from Pinot Gris)
Grapes with Benefits (a sweeter three way white blend)
Rose eh! (a blush, blend of Kerner, Foch and Syrah)
Hot Flash (a red blend of Marechal Foch and Syrah)
Marechal Foch
Vintage Okanagan Tawny (port style wine)

We have two other wines, but they were produced using wine that we cannot guarantee is vegan so I will not list them here.

Our new vintages (2017 onwards) have a vegan label on the back."

Company email (June 2012):
"Our reds are vegan. We at times use gelatin in our whites, so they are not guaranteed vegan."