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Address: 19239 U.S. 27 North
Clermont, Florida, 34715
Phone: 352-394-8627
Fax: 352-394-7490
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Update (December 2017):

On it states "Before any wine is ready for bottling, it must be clarified. This involves the addition of gelatin and clay-like materials which aid in more rapid settling of the fine suspended solids which make wine cloudy."

And yet, says "Lakeridge wines are not vegan certified, however, all ingredients used to date in our wines are animal byproduct free."

Company email (January 2012):

"We get a fair number of customer questions regarding whether our wines are Vegan. In 2010, our supplier, that was previously not vegan, was certified Vegan. I feel comfortable stating that the cased good wines we have in stock and in distribution are now Vegan."

Company email (December 2011):
"We have done extensive research into the ingredients that we use in our wines to assess their vegan status. At this time, the supplier of one of our primary ingredients uses animal bone char to remove color. As such, we cannot call our wines vegan."