Billsboro Winery is vegan friendly

Address: 4760 West Lake Road (Route 14)
Geneva, NY, 14456
Phone: (315) 789-9538
Checked by: John
Double checked by: Sarah
Added: over 6 years ago

Products by Billsboro Winery:

Company email (October 2011):

"After a further conversation with Vinny he confirmed with me that he has never used isinglass in our wine, ever. Nothing that we use during the processing or making of our wine contains animal products or byproducts, and as such is completely vegan friendly. I'm sorry if there was confusion here, and we'd be pleased to be listed on your site as totally vegan friendly."

Apparently it's rarely non-vegan. but you'll need to call them to find out for sure:

Company email (September 2011):

"Vinny says there's nothing in our wines that you would need to worry about. Apparently, once in a great while, Vinny uses Isinglass. Other than that I'm pretty sure you're good to go."