Cave Springs Cellars is vegan friendly

Address: 3836 Main Street
Jordan, Ontario, L0R 1S0
Phone: 1-905-562-3581
Fax: 1-905-562-3232
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Products by Cave Springs Cellars:

Company email (April 2020)

"To answer your queation all of our wines are vegan friendly. The lees that are mentioned in wine notes refer to a natural byproduct of fermentation. When the yeast are finished fermenting they fall to the bottom of the vessel and create what we call lees. Lees are just spent yeast. This byproduct is a great natural winemaking tool that gives wines added mouthfeel and texture. The variation of time you leave a wine on its lees will change the effect that they have on the wine style. The shorter the duration the less of an effect and the longer on the lees, the more the effect."

Company email (August 2013):
"We are very pleased to inform you that all Cave Spring wine is absolutely, 100% Vegan. We do not employ a single animal by-product in any of our production process."

Greetings, Tannis. I think that you are in luck. None of our wines (especially the Rieslings) have any animal products in them. The whites are fined with Bentonite (a volcanic clay like material) and filtered through Diatomaceous Earth.

In the past, we have used gelatin to fine our reds but we haven't done that for years and never to a Gamay or a Pinot. I did try egg white fining experiments in the lab but they failed miserably, so I won't be doing that.

I guess the short answer to your question would be- No, we do not use animal products in our wines. Drink and enjoy them!

Additional company email:
"You'll be happy to know that our wines are indeed vegan friendly. We do not use any animal, milk, egg or fish based products in the making of our wines. So please enjoy, and tell your friends!"