Fat Bastard Wine is vegan friendly

Address: c/o The Winebow Group, 4800 Cox Road, Suite 300
Glen Allen, Virginia, 23060
Phone: (800) 365-9463
Fax: (800) 482-8369
Email: info@winebow.com
URL: http://fatbastardwines.com/
Checked by: Kristin
Double checked by: Tracem, Company
Added: about 13 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Products by Fat Bastard Wine:

Company email (January 2017):
"I'm happy to contact you and let you know that for some years now, Fat bastard wines are vegan & vegetarian friendly! Our winery does not use egg whites anymore to fine or filter the wines and we do not use any product that comes from animals or should have been tested on animals."

Note from Trace (February 2013):
"I have a link directly to the Fat Bastard FAQ site which has a question, 'Are your wines vegan?'. They are still not and wanted to update you on that. Here's the link: http://fatbastard.com/contact_FAQs.php#14"

[from link above: We use egg whites to fine or filter our wines so unfortunately they are not considered vegan.]

Company email:
"Our wines are fined with egg whites, so they are not vegan."