Underdog Wine Merchants is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 4596 Tesla Road
Livermore, CA, 94550
Email: http://underdogwinemerchants.com/contact-underdog-wine-merchants
URL: http://underdogwinemerchants.com/
Checked by: Brendan
Double checked by: Megan, Gardener, Christine, Grant
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Products by Underdog Wine Merchants:

Company email (June 2016) re Big House Wines:
"Hello, our wines are not considered vegan. We are very sorry. Our wines are considered gluten free though."

Company Email regarding Pinot Evil: June 2011
"Pinot Evil is produced in Hungary and France, we cannot state what their exact processes are and cannot
therefore state that they can be termed 'vegan'."

Company FAQ regarding Big House Wines: May 2011
"Are Big House wines vegan friendly? A: In the bottled state, the wines do not contain any animal products."
Barnivore note: This doesn't address during processing so we have sent them a message.
Reply: "Yes, our wine is vegan friendly."

Company Email: April 2011
"Thank you for thinking of flipflop wines. Currently, flipflop wines is NOT vegan-friendly."

Company Email regarding Big House Wines: Dec 2010
"Unfortunately we can’t claim vegan status. Very sorry."