Babcock Winery has some vegan options

Address: 5175 E Highway 246
Lompoc, CA, 93436-9613
Phone: (805) 736-1455
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"I rarely use fining agents of these kinds in conjunction with filtration. I used to use more of them, but over time simply found them to be unnecessary.

As far as ingredients go, really the only ingredient is grapes, unless we need to hydrate a must with water to avoid an inordinately high alcohol. I don’t consider yeast to be an ingredient per se, and even
if it were, it’s there naturally in every juice; what ever is added beyond that is done so to bolster what’s already there. We will fortify a must now and then with nutrients for the yeast, which is like giving the juice vitamins. There is some nitrogen in that yeast
food, and I am not sure what the source of it is. I can contact the supplier if like to ask them.

We do use bentonite (an earth/clay material) in fining of the whites to stabilize the surplus of proteins that they precipitate out otherwise.

And, of course, we do employ some sulfite as a preservative."