L Mawby Vineyards is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 4519 s elm valley rd
Suttons Bay, MI, 49682
Phone: 231 271 3522
Email: info@lmawby.com
URL: www.lmawby.com
Checked by: Susanne
Double checked by: Benjamin
Added: almost 7 years ago
Double Checked: almost 6 years ago

Products by L Mawby Vineyards:

Company email (June 2011):

"almost all of our wines have been fined with gelatin, which is derived from animals. this fining agent is filtered out, but it is used."

Company Email:
"both l.mawby and m.lawrence do sometimes have gelatin added as a fining agent. it is filtered out, but it is added at some point in the production of many of our wines."