Casillero del Diablo is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Santiago
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"In an ideal world it would not be necessary to process wine at all. Part of the beauty of wine is that it is alive and vibrant. With international safety standards, consumer health considerations and also wine presentation, however, wine needs to be stabilized from a microbiological standpoint. Lees and excess tannins need to be removed from wine to make it fit for sale, which involves a process called fining, or clarification.

In order to minimize loss of colour and flavour, and also ensure no off-flavours are added to the wine, at Concha y Toro we use the most wine-friendly fining agents possible. Depending of the state of the must, in the case of white wines, and the young wine, in the case of reds, we use the minimum amount of animal derived proteins or minerals possible for fining. Prior to bottling, all flocculated protein residues are filtered off. In other words, while animal proteins may be employed, the final wine is effectively protein free. Therefore, at the end of the day it is a matter it is matter of consumer choice. Concha y Toro will use viable non-animal derived fining agents where possible. "