Pelee Island Winery has some vegan options

Address: 455 Seacliff Drive, County Rd. #20
Kingsville, Ontario, N9Y 2K5
Phone: 1-800-597-3533
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Products by Pelee Island Winery:

Company email (September 2018)
"The 2017 Vintage of VQA wines are all vegan. We cannot at this time guarantee that our ICB portfolio is 100% vegan."

Company email (July 2016):
"We do use gelatine and that comes from animals."

Company Email (circa 2010)
"I have talked to my wine master and asked him about your question. He has explained to me that the only additives in the wine are egg white (1 egg white per 100l), plus bentonite plus gelatin(1gl per 100L) None of these will stay in the wine , but will be settled or filtered out. Most of the time there is NO sugar added to the wine. The exception to the rule is wines that go into the USA (Our semi Sweet Merlot ) which is only available in the states. "