COOP Oktoberfest is Vegan Friendly

by COOP Ale Works
Address: 1124 NW 51st Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73118
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Added: almost 6 years ago

Company email (July 2012):
"When it comes to fining agents, for our draft products we use whirlfloc during the boil and a product called Biofine (which is simply silica gel) in our conditioning tanks. To my knowledge, both of those are vegan friendly. Feel free to pass along any info that you find which may say otherwise.

The only issue I have run into with regards to vegan 'unfriendly' COOP beers is in our canned products. We filter these products with sheets that contain a small amount of DE or diatomaceous earth. These are fossilized remains that aid in making clear beer. I believe it was on the barnivore site a while back that I dug into the DE debate. From what I remember, some sources say 'yay', while other oppose. In my opinion, fossilized remains of anything are a bit of stretch to be non-vegan, but I guess it depends on how strict you are."

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