Weihenstephan Wheat is Vegan Friendly

by Weihenstephan
Address: Postfach 11 55
Freising, D-85311
Phone: +49 (0)81615360
Email: info@weihenstephaner.de
URL: http://www.weihenstephaner.de/
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Company email (January 2019)
"Based on the purity law of 1516 is our beer only brewed with water, Barley malt, hops and yeast. There are no animals compounds used during the brewing process.

Only the glue for labeling, after the filling, including parts of casein protein. [see our stance on glue at http://www.barnivore.com/faq#glue -ed]

Our beer is manufactured in Freising only."

Company email (June 2012):
"Thanks a lot for your interest in our beer in this special point of view. I'm glad to inform you that our beer is vegan-friendly as our beers do neither contain any animal ingredient (as we brew according to the German purity law from 1516 which allows only water, malt and hops (and of course yeast)) nor are animal products used during the processing or filtration of the product. Due to the fact that our products are only produced here in Freising (Germany) we can state that the mentioned ingredients cannot be found in our products."

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