Prairie Moon Honey Moon Red is Not Vegan Friendly

by Prairie Moon Winery
Address: 3801 West 190th Street
Ames, Iowa, 50014
Phone: 515-232-2747
Checked by: Tamara
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Added: almost 7 years ago

Company email (May 2012):
"Unfortunately we have been forced to not be completely organic anymore due to factors that we can't control. The Japanese beetles forced our hand last season and suffering huge crop losses was not going to work anymore. We noticed that the grapes torwards the end of the year when doing organic were turning out low quality. We still use many sustainable practices in our vineyard and we are opening a certified organic farm next door called Prairie Bloom Farm. They are growing heirloom
vegetables of all kinds.

As far as filtering I don't use any animal products in my processes.

Blushing Moon is made with our grapes and is only filtered with cellulose."

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