Christoval 2010 Barbera is Vegan Friendly

by Christoval Vineyards
Address: 5000 Cralle Road
Christoval, TX, 76935
Phone: 325-315-8077
Fax: 325-227-6841
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Added: about 6 years ago

Company email (April 2012):
"All of the wines that I made are as far as I know Vegan friendly. I fine my wines with Bentonite (a clay earth material). I do not do any fining with animal products such as egg whites, albumin, isinglass, or gelatin. The only other fining agent that I use is a synthetic polymer material- PVPP - (very small amounts) on certain white wines to stabilize color and remove bitterness. McPherson Cellars does some bottling/filtration for me; however, he uses bentonite for fining as well and filtration is a cellulose or polymer material."

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