Lobethal Red Truck Porter is Vegan Friendly

by Lobethal Bierhaus
Address: 3a Main St
Lobethal, SA, 524
Phone: +618 8389 5570
Email: info@ahcb.com.au
URL: http://ahcb.com.au/
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Company email (April 2012):
"Our beers are made entirely (and solely) on premises.
Ingredients used in the manufacturing of our beers are water, malted and unmalted grains (wheat & barley), hops and yeast, and in two very specific beers that are based on Belgium style product, candied beet sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger).
We use Whirlfloc – T at the end of our boil (in kettle / prior to whirlpooling) as a fining. Whirlfloc being an enhanced blend of Irish Moss and purified carrageenan (a substance extracted from red and purple seaweeds) that aids in the coagulation and settling of haze-producing proteins and beta glucans."

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