Crannóg Backhand of God Stout is Vegan Friendly

by Crannóg Ales
Address: 706 Elson Road
Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W1
Phone: 250-675-684
Checked by: Peter
Double checked by: Shannon, Yolanda
Added: almost 7 years ago

Company email (February 2013):
"I was just looking at the site [Barnivore] and noticed some of our seasonal ales are listed there as 'not vegan'. You may need to wait until the brewers return, but some of them may be vegan. Here's what I can verify for certain:
Crannóg Backhand of God Stout: Vegan
Crannóg Red Branch Irish Ale: Not Vegan
Crannóg Gael's Blood Potato Ale: Not Vegan (because of isinglass… not human blood haha)
Crannóg Insurrection IPA: Not Vegan"

Company email (February 2013):
"Unfortunately the big bosses here (Rebecca and Brian) are on vacay for the next couple weeks, but having talked to them about this very topic last week, I feel confident in fielding your question. We have four main beers that we brew year round. Of those, only our Backhand of God Stout is vegan (isinglass is used in the other three). Crannog Ales is a small Certified Organic Brewery in Sorrento, BC and is not manufactured anywhere else in the world!"

Company email (August 2012):
"We use Isinglass as a fining in all our beers EXCEPT the Backhand of God Stout. We do not use any animal ingredients in any of our beers otherwise, except for the occasional cask which uses honey, and which is stated on the beer. You are highly unlikely to get any cask ales from us anyway, so not to worry about it.

We respect all life, animal or vegetable. Our ethic is to live and brew in a way which supports a vital ecosystem, including livestock, wild animals, insects, soil biota, vegetation etc. We are aware that our lives depend on the lives of everything around us, regardless of class or family."

Company email (March 2012)
- We are certified organic - all our beers, all the time. No non-organic ingredients.
- We are fully committed to ethical and responsible farming and brewing. Our brewery is as close to zero-waste as current recycling availability allows, we have reduced our water use to 1/8 that of most breweries, and we re-use our wastewater on the farm. We have reduced packaging and re-use almost everything in the brewery. Both the farm and the brewery are certified organic, and our primary focus is to build and regenerate the eco-system within which we operate. We build soil through our brewery and farm processes.
- We use isinglass as a processing aid in all our beers except the Backhand of God Stout. It is a processing aid that drops out of the beer before packaging, and is not present in the final beer.
- We do not pasteurize or filter our beers, so that they remain live products with active yeast and all the flavour we work so hard to put there in the first place.
- We use honey in some of our seasonal ales, indicated in the name or description of the beer. The honey comes from hives on the farm, which surrounds the brewery. (By the way, honey is produced by bees, it's not an "animal" ingredient. Just like wool is produced by sheep, they are not harmed in the shearing, and their health depends on being shorn annually!)
- We continue to institute energy-saving methods in the brewery, from water re-use to heat-on-demand systems so that our footprint remains sustainable.
- We raise livestock on the farm, as their manure and grazing assists in the creation of healthy soil and a viable eco-system. Without their input, our soil would become depleted and we would need to use chemical fertilizers! Responsible and ethical livestock rearing is extremely important to us.

We manufacture only in our own brewery, nowhere else. Why? Because the whole focus of what we do is sustainability, and exporting/outsourcing is simply not environmentally sustainable.

Therefore, the only beer that we make that adheres to your requirements would be the Backhand of God Stout, which uses no isinglass. It is widely available throughout southern BC - there's a list of where you can get it on our website.

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