Plum Hill Red Velvet 351 is Vegan Friendly

by Plum Hill Vineyards
Address: 6505 SW Old Highway 47
Gaston, OR, 97119
Phone: 503-359-4706
Checked by: Jason S.
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Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (February 2012):
"As a normal course of winemaking here at Plum Hill, we do never fine any of our red wines; we feel it strips too much color from the wine. On various white wines and Rose’, We have on rare occasions had to use fining agents to remove undesirable characters from the wine. It is rarely done here and I seriously doubt if any of the fining material is left in the wine as it’s purpose of fining is to attract the elements we want to remove and have them settle to the bottom of the tank, and the wine racked off the top. Also, All of our whites end up being cold stabilized and sterile filtered before bottling which would greatly reduce any chance of any residual fining agent existing in the wine.
We attempt to avoid fining and manipulation of any wine in an attempt to allow the true character of the vintage and varietal to shine. Of the 10 wines we are currently serving, not a one has been fined but we do have two wines in the cellar that have been fined because of the mildew pressures of the late harvest in 2010. This is the first time since the 2003 vintage that we have had to fine any juice."

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