Tantalus 2007 Pinot Noir is Not Vegan Friendly

by Tantalus Vineyards
Address: 1670 Dehart Road
Kelowna, BC, V1W 4N6
Phone: 1-877-764-0078
Email: info@tantalus.ca
URL: http://www.tantalus.ca/
Checked by: Nicole R
Double checked by: Leigh
Added: about 9 years ago
Double Checked: almost 6 years ago

Company email (July 2012):
"None of the Tantalus wines on the market have used any animal product in their processing. However this is because that has been what is right for the wine. I would not hesitate to use a protinatious fining agent of animal origin if I felt it was right for the quality of the wine."

Company email:
"We have released Riesling for the last few years which have not had any contact with animal products, and I would think that will be the most likely case in the future.
Red wines are assessed on a year to year basis, and so the 07 Pinot Noir had a very minor fining with albumin, while other releases have not.
Other releases include Riesling Ice Wine and Rose, which have also not had any animal products added."

2008 and onwards Rieslings' vegan-ness is questionable as their answer contradicts itself.

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