Cristina Menicocci Stafilo is Vegan Friendly

by Cristina Menicocci Wines
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Company update, January 2012:

"Finally we got the Vegan Society Registration as attached file (and we are listed on The Vegan Society website). Lots of people I speak with does not know about the difference between a Vegan Certification (issued by ICEA VEGAN in Italy, which certifies that our wines have no animal derivatives nor suffering) and The Vegan Society "Registration" (that is a registration, not a certification). Our wine has both Certification (ICEA) and Registration in UK with The Vegan Society."

From the website
(, January 2012):

Cristina guarantees that:
1. All her products are obtained excluding any animal suffering, of any kind;
2. No animal derivates enter into her productive chain in any form;
3. Soil fertilization is done exclusively with manure (manure is a natural donation);
4. Biodynamic Preparations don’t derive from cow horns or deer bladders, but from boxes of larch and birch’s barks (Fladen);
5. All her animals live free and they are not used for milk, meat or for other purposes, but just for the manure that they naturally produce and for the grass they eat, and that they are neither killed nor exploited;
6. In her company pesticides are not used."

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