Cigar City Humidor India Pale Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Cigar City Brewing
Address: 3924 West Spruce Street Suite A
Tampa, Florida, 33607
Phone: 813-348-6363 ext 206
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Jordan
Added: over 7 years ago

Erin notes (August 2018) that the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale cans say it contains lactose.

Company email (December 2011):
"Many of our beers are unfiltered, but are clarified with Biofine Clear which is made not with isinglass, but with Silicic acid which to the best of my knowledge is vegan friendly. However, when we do filter we use a filter medium that has diatomaceous earth in it. It is made from diatoms which are the fossilized remains of a type of hard shelled algae (basically seaweed). So the question is do you consider diatoms animals and if you do is there a statute of limitations because these are all very ancient diatom shells. I think most people consider diatoms to be plants, but I leave that determination up to you.

Occasionally we do use honey in our beer, but when we do it is clearly labeled as having honey in it. We use no milk, eggs, gelatin, isinglass, sea shells (unless the shells of algae qualifies) or bone char."

Company Email:
"If we happen to do more exotic specialized ideas that include any such products, we will specify what is being incorporated. As of now, we are vegan friendly with all our products."

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