Brau Brothers Bancreagie is Vegan Friendly

by Brau Brothers Brewing Co
Checked by: Kieron
Double checked by: Jason
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email, December 2011:

"MooJoos does contain lactose sugar. None of our beers contain animal-based fermentables. We use an acid-based alternative for fining, along with PVPP for colloidal stability, so we should be fine there."

Company email:

Our Scotch Ale is a sneaky 7.4% ABV, I use about 1.5% Peat Smoked Malt which is the same as a scotch distiller uses to give it the sweeter smoke. I catch a lot of flak for using it, but you'll never try a beer like it. The traditional Scotch Ale is so much like a malty brown ale, to me they're indistinguishable.

We use NO animal products in our beer. I use a plant-based kettle coagulant, no gelatin or isinglass. Also, no honey. We would be pleased to be listed on the website as vegan friendly.

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