J. Lohr Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by J. Lohr Winery
Address: 1000 Lenzen Avenue
San Jose, CA, 95126
Phone: 408-288-5057
Fax: 408-993-2276
Email: info@jlohr.com
URL: http://www.jlohr.com/
Checked by: Steven R
Double checked by: Lisa
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: 11 months ago

Company email (December 2014):
"Our wines cannot be classified as vegan-friendly as we have used food products for clarifying."

Company email:
"I was forwarded your email regarding fining agents in our wines. There are a few selected wines that we fine with refined protein made from animal based products. The fining agents are mixed with the wine to remove specific compounds. None of these fining agents are soluble and are removed by a diatomaceous earth filtration. The final product is then filtered through a 0.22 micron membrane that removes all particles, bacteria or microorganisms.
Because wine is a natural based product whose characteristics vary from vintage to vintage, we treat each wine and each vintage differently. The fining agents that we use may be used in some wines for some vintages and then not used for the same wine the following year. Due to the possibility of blending of very small amounts from vintage to vintage (5% or less is allowable by law), we cannot assure with 100% certainty that any wine has been produced without using any animal based products."