Fat Bastard Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

Address: 808 Howell Street, 5th Floor
Seattle, WA, 98101
Phone: 206.443.1996
Fax: 206.443.2535
Email: rrader@clickwinegroup.com
URL: http://www.clickwinegroup.com/
Checked by: Kristin
Double checked by: Trace
Added: over 9 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Note from Trace (February 2013):
"I have a link directly to the Fat Bastard FAQ site which has a question, 'Are your wines vegan?'. They are still not and wanted to update you on that. Here's the link: http://fatbastard.com/contact_FAQs.php#14"

[from link above: We use egg whites to fine or filter our wines so unfortunately they are not considered vegan.]

Company email:
"Our wines are fined with egg whites, so they are not vegan."