Wine Cube Pink Moscato is Not Vegan Friendly

by Target Brands, Inc
Address: USA
Phone: 1-800-910-6874
Checked by: Christian
Double checked by: Rebecca, Rachelle
Added: 8 months ago

Company email (September 2019)
[Wine Cube's parent company sent a PDF listing out their wines, list updated accordingly]

Company email (June 2018) re: Wine Cube
"Wine from the Winecube brand does not contain any animal ingredients, animal products are not used in the processing, or filtration of the product, and it is not bottled, or processed in any facility that may use a different processing system."

Company email (October 2017) re: California Roots

"[The winemaking team says] that the Cab Sauv is the only vegan one of their five wines they make]"

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