Delirium Christmas is Vegan Friendly

by Brewery Huyghe
Address: Geraardsbergsesteenweg 14 B - 9090
Phone: +32 (0)9 252 15 01
Fax: +32 (0)9 252 29 31
Checked by: Joshua
Double checked by: Yolanda
Added: over 2 years ago

Company email (May 2013):
"I’ve got your answer about possible animal ingredients and animal products in the filtration. I can say you that we don’t use this for our Delirium beers, La Guillotine, Floris Wheat, Floris Apple or Floris Raspberry. Those are the beers that we export to the States."

Company email (September 2011):
"Only in our Floris Honey beer you will find of course honey. All our other Beers doesn't contain any animal ingredients. And in answer to your second question: our Beers are only produced at our Brewery in Melle, Belgium."

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