Mata Brown Boy is Vegan Friendly

by Aotearoa Breweries NZ Ltd. (Mata)
Address: 57 Onslow Street
Kawerau, Eastern Bay Of Plenty
New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 323 8370
Fax: +64 21 226 9583
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We do have two beers, our Mata Manuka and Mata Taniwha which contain honey and would not be suitable for vegans. We have audited all of our suppliers in line with questions posed by the NZ vegetarian society. I have attached a list of questions that we have asked them. [on file at Barnivore HQ -ed.]

None of our beers contain finings. We do not use lactose as an ingredient in any of our beers. Ingredients used are: Water, malted barley, hops, yeast. All of our beer contain these four things. In addition to this, some of our beer varieties include the following: wheat malt, torrified wheat, spices, fruit, honey (mata manuka and mata taniwha).

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