Peachy Canyon Incredible Red is Not Vegan Friendly

by Peachy Canyon Winery
Address: 1480 North Bethel Road,
Templeton, CA, 93465
Phone: 805.239.1918
Checked by: Christopher
Double checked by: Doh
Added: about 7 years ago

Company Email:
"There has been some confusion on our end and I can help you with that. First and for most with wine every year it is different. Every harvest is different therefore I cannot tell you what the future holds for our wine but can give you some info on the past.
On occasion we do Filter some of our wines. If they are young or are unstable or sweet we would filter them on occasion. Our whites are always stable (not vegan). For the most part all of our Reds are unfined and unfiltered except for the Incredible Red and Cirque Du Vin. These are large lots that are spread across the US and International that we must make sure will be good and safe for consumption. If you would like to know about a specific wine so that you can assure your getting the absolute fact that the wine from us or anyone else is exactly what you are presenting them with."

Note from Doh:
"I contacted Peachy Canyon Winery, which is listed in Barnivore as vegan-friendly, by phone today. I spoke with the man who deals with all the fining. He said that they *do* use animal products in the fining, depending on the size of the lot.
I sent a follow up email since it so specifically contradicts the email that the previous submitter received. It seems strange to go from "we don't fine at all!" to "we fine sometimes with animal products..." in a month."

Company Email:
"I’ve spoken with our winemaker and he tells me Casein is used in fining agents. Since Peachy Canyon wines are unfiltered and unfined, we use none!"

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